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Why is it that everyone chooses
Berkshire Brochure?

It's not that we're a brochure distribution company...

...it's that we are the go-to brochure distribution company for the Berkshires, North America's premier cultural destination. We also serve a number of celebrated surrounding regions including the world famous Saratoga Springs and Albany/Schenectady/Troy, the historic Capital District of New York State.

It's not that we'll distribute your brochures...

...it's that we very uniquely target your brochures right to the area's Theatres, Concert Venues, Museums, information centers, premier restaurants and lodging facilities, right to the people who are looking for someplace to go now... and later!

So it's not that people will just see your brochure...

...it's that they will see your brochure when they check in, and then again when they dine, and yet again when they go to their show. And that's just the first day!

And its not just that we've been proudly distributing some of America's most prestigious pamphlets for over 37 years...

...it's that no matter how new or how small your theatre, museum, gallery or business is, you'll get the same loving attention. We love new startups! Why? Because as your Theatre, Concert Venue or business grow, so will ours!

Give us a try and you'll see for yourself why everyone chooses Berkshire Brochure!

* By the way, we also doconsultations!